Saturday, September 14, 2013

Kids Math: Multiplications

Date:  Sep 14, 2013

I made this for Jay Jay.  And I told him, memorising multiplication is very easy.  You only need to memorise the colour one.  

Jay: Huh?  We need to learn ONLY 9x9=81 for 9 multiplication?  

Dad:  Yes!  You have learn 9x8, 9x7, etc before.  

Jay: Huh?  Puzzled.

Dad:  9x8 is 8x9, 9x7 is 7x9, so, you learned those in 8 multiplication table, so no need to learn twice.

Jay: Oh really. Ya!  

Dad:  So, you do not need to learn twice.

Jay:  Happy.

Of course, I have another one that has the answer on it.

You can do this using Excel.  And then print it out.

IMG 7517

So, every morning, let him take a look at the table and try to memorise.

IMG 7519

I sent him to CMA class.  And there is a nice little multiplication songs that he has to learned since few weeks ago.

IMG 7521

So, here he bring up his iPod to learn the song.  The challenge is when you use a song, he has to sing the song from 9x1, 9x2 to 9x8 to get the answer of 9x8.  HaHaHaHa.  But that is the easiest way to do it.

IMG 7522

After that, let's put this on test.  Give him some assessment book.  And when he can do all these, then, it is OK.  

IMG 7520

So, do this every day, and his multiplication will be improve.

IMG 7516

Make it a fun thing for him to learn.

I caught him "trying" to read my book one day.

IMG 0280

And the next thing you know, he has mastered the multiplication of 11 with any two digit number.

Dad: 43 x 11 =?

Jay:  473 (1 second calculate in his head)

Dad:  54 x 11 =?

Jay:  594

Dad:  how about 65 x 11 =?

Jay:  (he took 4 seconds) 615, no 715.

Yes, if you add up the two numbers is more than 10, you need carry over the 10 to the first digit.  So, you add 1 to 6.  

IMG 0281

Good luck in teaching your kid multiplication ya!

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