Friday, May 2, 2014

Jay & His Third Monthly Competition

Date:  May 2, 2014

Last week, Jay had his 3rd competition in golf training.  Every month, the coaches will let the kids to compete against each other so to demonstrates what they have learned in that month.

IMG 3210

Let’s check out his progress for the last month.

Addressing the ball.  We spent about 15 minutes to warm up before the class start.

IMG 3211

The finishing seems OK.

IMG 3215

Still need to fix a bit of the posture here and there.  Chicken wing definitely not there.

IMG 3223

OK, let’s the competition begins.  Each students get two shots.  Each shots one point.  And it has to be “perfect addressing, perfect finishing” and the get the ball fly up straight into the air.  

IMG 3228

Jay’s turn for the two “perfect shots” needed to be evaluated by the two coaches.

And he nailed it.  I taught him to do practise shots before hitting the real shot.

And I am glad that he listen and did exactly that.

It is a 3-way playoff between Jay, Anna & Martina.  Like Jay, Martina also had two medals back in February and March, same as Jay.

He nailed his shot again.

OK.  Martina is out.  This is the sudden death between Jay & Anna.  Anna tops the ball, she standing behind looking at Jay and hope Jay did the same.  But too bad, Jay nailed the shop again.

So, looks like Jay going to get his third medal two weeks later.  :)

With 5 minutes left before the lesson, the coaches let them try to chip the ball into the white ring area.

Although top the ball, Jay did bring the ball inside the ring.  Well done!

This is one and the only sport that Jay feel very good in playing.  That is because of his body size and strength.  

It is good for him that he got this sport to build up his strong self confidence.  Kids sometimes needs 1-2 such sports that can boost their self esteem.  So, if this is the sport that make him feel good, then, this shall be the sport that will follow him from young.

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