Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cook With Ken: Garlic Steamy Roasted Chicken 薑蒜蒸烤烘鸡

Date:  Feb 2, 2013

Just learn a new dish from Alice.  Garlic Steam Roasted Chicken 薑蒜蒸烤烘鸡.

How easy to cook this dish?  

Very easy!

First, you need a pot.  For this case, I am steaming and roasting TWO chickens at a time.  So, I used my iCook 8L pot.  I purposely put my hand there to let you have a feel how big is the pot.

IMG 6634

"What?  Roast/steam the chicken using a pot?"


IMG 6635

Pour in some oil onto the cold pot.  (do not turn on fire now)

IMG 6638

Use a kitchen paper to evenly spread this thin layer of oil onto the pot.

IMG 6639

Of course, if you want to be adventurous, you can use Avocado Oil which is now popular in western cooking for high temperature cooking.  (as compare to Olive Oil).

IMG 6636

Next, slice up the ginger.

IMG 6640

"How much slices you need?"

IMG 6643

Enough to cover the whole bottom.  So that you don't let your chicken touch the pot bottom.  So, place the ginger slices nicely until you cover the bottom part of the pot.

IMG 6644

Next, we need the whole chicken.  Wash it.  With legs and head.

IMG 6645

Peel the skin off the garlic.  

IMG 6647

"How much garlic we need again?"

Don't know.  We need the garlic and stuff them into the stomach of the chicken.

Yup, stuff all the garlic in.

IMG 6646

Put half tea spoon into the chicken stomach too.  That is the only 调味料 we need.

Then, stuff in more garlic.  Garlic is good for health.

IMG 6648

Don't forget to stuff both legs into the backside too.  This will hold the garlic from dropping out.

IMG 6649

For me, I am cooking for my reunion dinner.  So, I cook two chicken at the same time.  So, you lay the chicken flat on top of the ginger. 

IMG 6650

Done!  Cover the pot, turn on medium-small fire.  And let it cook for 45 minutes to 1 hour.  At the 45 minutes mark, open the cover, and throw in some wolf berries.  This is for colouring the sauce.  (Garlic ginger sauce with half tea spoon of salt, plus plenty of chicken oil, taste very good and spicy).

IMG 6651

1 hour later.  A very nice fragrance steam chicken is done.  Look at the sauce below, it is quite spicy for putting so much ginger, but my family loves it very much.  It is quite tasty.  And the chicken meat is very tender and very tasty.

IMG 6677

By the time I sit down and eat, all the chicken is almost gone!  So, what you do is to dip the chicken into the sauce and it gives you that powerful combination taste of tender meat with spicy ginger garlic sauce.  

IMG 6676

I love it.  Thanks Alice for teaching me this dish.

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