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Gadget: Noodle Making Machine

Date:  March 17, 2104

* Special note:  (Mar 20) **********

I have done a search on JD.Com (used to be面条机&enc=utf-8

RMB 699 seems to be the official price.

I have also done a search on, the listed only RMB 689 which is closed to the price I bought.面条机/cityId=9017

* Special note:  (Mar 19) **********

A search on Taobao and sorted by REPUTATION.

If you search by sold volume.  There is this RMB499 version.  Which I think it may be a “refurbish” model.  So, you may not want to get that (my recommendation).  But if you feel comfortable and wanted to save $50, I guess you can get that.  Because so many people has bought it.

* Special Note:  (Mar 18) **********

Since this is a big item, 团购 will be meaning less as the shipping charges is proportionate to the weight of the total weight.

Group purchasing is good when you want to buy small things and you tumpang on other people purchases.

If you are interested to buy one, you can send your request to my Taobao Agent, Amy Li.

Her email is

You can cut and paste the web site to choose which one to buy.

I buy from this store.  It is a Joyoung (Jiu Yang) specialised store.  And it is on TMall.

It is RMB 699.  I felt safer.  I used it once, no problem.

Of course, if you already have an existing account with Taobao, you can buy directly too.  

******** End or Note: ******

Today, we have a new gadget.  I bought this from Taobao.  And it arrives today.

IMG 1718

The machine is quite big.  It looks like this.

IMG 1747

It says 15 minutes you can 1) make the noodle, and 2) cook the noodle.  The noodle making process is only takes 6-7 minutes.

Let’s make noodle now.

We need either Plain Flour or All purpose Flour.  Next time, I will use Organic Flour. :)

IMG 1749

Let’s make our first bowl of noodle.  Measuring.

IMG 1750

We need exactly 200g of plain flour.

IMG 1751

YES Jay!  Flour + Water = Noodle.

IMG 1752

Next, we need water.

IMG 1754

Exactly 70ml of water.

IMG 1755

Pour the flour into the noodle maker.  And press Auto.

IMG 1756

And noodle machine start mixing the flour.

IMG 1757

Next which is very important.  Pour in the 70ml of water VERY SLOWLY.

IMG 1756

Yes, have to do it very slowly so that the noodle will not stick to each other.

The mixer turn INWARDS initially.  Suddenly, it beeps.  And the mixer change direction.

So, when the mixer turn OUTWARDS, it pushes the flour into the hole.

IMG 1764

It is amazing.

Quickly prepare a plate and put some flour on it to receive the noodles.

IMG 1765

Her comes the noodles.

Wow!  It is indeed amazing.   This is so cool.  Making own noodles is awesome!  hahaha

IMG 1771

From time to time, sprinkle some flour onto the noodle.  

It’s warm.

Here comes the first coil of noodle.

IMG 1779

So, for 200g of flour, it makes about 2 plates of noodles.

IMG 1786

Of course, my pot is cook with hot water, and straight away, we put the noodle into the hot water with olive oil and salt.

IMG 1797

3-4 minutes later, restrain it with cold water.  (Wash away the excess flour)

IMG 1798

1.  normal oil a bit.

2.  sesame oil a bit.

3.  soya sauce a bit.

4.  abalone sauce a bit.

5.  green onions a bit.  (cut some) 

6.  white pepper a bit.

7.  salt a bit.

Pour in the noodles, and mix it well.

IMG 1799

This is the noodle I cooked using the fresh home made noodles.

IMG 1800

As always, my biggest fan says “Very delicious!”.

So, from now on, we going to make our own noodles and we no longer want to buy instant noodles or those form the organic stores.  :)

IMG 1802

Take a look at the youtube advertisement.  It is amazing.


I bought this from Taobao.  I bought the N6 (latest) model.

The cheapest is RMB449.  (About SGD$90).  It weight about 5-6KG.  

But I am very scare of this sort of cheap price place.  So, I bought it from a much expensive store, 

which I know it is a good reputation store for Jiu Yang products in TMall.  It cost RMB 699.  But it is up to you to choose which one to buy.

Tip:  Buy the one a lot of people bought.

This is the operation manual.

IMG 1788

It is so easy to use.  They don’t even have a lot to say in the making noodle section.

IMG 1789

You can make for 3-4 people which is the maximum.

IMG 1790

Got quality check too.

IMG 1791

Their manual is so simple, because it is easy to make the noodle.

So, they mind as well give a booklet to teach people how to COOK noodles.  hahahaha

IMG 1792

The noodle machine can make 6 types of different noodles.  

IMG 1793

Very cool!

IMG 1794

Oh ya.  You can make spinach noodle, or carrot noodles and so on too.

Amazing machine.  I like!

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