Monday, June 9, 2014

Kay Kay's Pet Hermit Crab

Date:  June 9, 2014

Kay Kay has a new pet.

Can you guess what it is?

IMG 4962

Let him find it and show it to you.

IMG 4957

It’s hermit crab that we accidentally brought back from Nikoi Island.

The sand is from Cebu, Philippines.  Thanks to Justin Yoon’s family bring the sand all the way back from Cebu.  

Now, the 3 hermit crab has a place to stay with proper sand.

We feed them pineapple and eggs.  There are a bowl of clear water.  And a bowl of salt water.

Some trees.

Let’s see this little home that we build is it suitable for the crab to stay.

IMG 4964

Meet “Elsa” (left) and “Rocky” (right)

IMG 4871

This is “Anna”.  Anna is found 3 days later in the shell box we have.  We didn’t know there is a life creature inside.

IMG 4965

 Let’s look at Elsa walking from the food plate to the sand.

It is kind of fun!  

Kay Kay is happy about it, keeping the 3 hermit crabs as pet. 

He even brought the whole hermit crab home to school to show it to his friends and teachers.


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