Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Flash Card Still The Best Method

Date:  Jan 13, 2015

Last year, I re-use the kindergarten methods, such as “Flash Card” system to help Jay Jay to cope with the Chinese learning.  And it seems to work quite effectively.

This year, Jay Jay is in P3 now.  With an additional subject added into the syllabus, he will have lesser time to learn his mother tongue.  

IMG 6551

To help him, we continue the Flash Card strategies.

IMG 6824

You can get this book from Popular book store.  

IMG 6831

In here you can find all the passages the kids going to learn for the first half year.  (3B is for second half year).

IMG 6832

They will give you a summary sheet on what are the words the P3 kids suppose to learn to read and learn to write.

IMG 6834

Some examples of the use of the Chinese characters.

IMG 6835

For students who does not know how to read, it has the Han Yu Pin Yin references.

IMG 6836

Example of making sentence with the Chinese characters.

IMG 6837

Use a Chinese Calligraphy brush to write the flash cards to give a very Chinese look.  Also, all the strokes are clearly stroked, to show how the words are written, and formed.

IMG 6825

Make some markings.  Triangle means you need to learn how to write.  Circle means you need to learn how to read the word.  The Number on the left means which passage from the text book.

IMG 6828

Every day, breakfast time, when the brain function just started, it is good time to practice.

Every day, while waiting for the school bus, it is a good time to practice.

Every day, while eating dinner, it is a good time to practice.

Practice makes perfect.

I believe that if a kid was shown a word a hundred times, he will remember the words by hard.  

You can use your own pace to teach or you can teach them in advance two to three passage / class ahead.

Keep it handy when you go outside.  While eating lunch outside, you can use it too.

My wish for 2015.  Is for Jay be able to pick up the Chinese News Paper and read at least a few news to me.

Let’s see if we can make this happen.

But I must say, it is quite effective.

IMG 6830


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