Saturday, November 6, 2010

Buying Things from Taobao

My goods finally arrived again...

I bought lots of Tomy train sets for Jay Jay... We going to use these to build 4-5 storey of train tracks. As you can see, except for the top left one, all others are in original Japanese Tomy packaging, which I cannot tell the difference.

After open it, it looks exactly the same as you would normally buy from ToyR Us. Except that one pack cost an average of $10-$16 in Singapore.

I bought about 18 packs plus a extendable tunnel. That tunnel usually cost $40+ So I estimate if I buy this from ToyR Us, will cost roughly about $220 for these.

I also bought this new shoe for Jay.

And yesterday I finally see it in Crocs store in Singapore, selling for $56. Again, I compare, and cannot tell the difference.

And I also bought some too.

The croc band has a price tag go for $64 in Singapore. The only thing went wrong is the white crocs, looks pretty fake and the size are wrong even they have correct marking. I will band that store I bought from.

Some math now...

So, the goods are definitely worth S$370+

I pay only US$125 for the goods and another US$26 for EMS delivery. So is about $180 in Singapore dollars.

I guess is worth it, 50% savings.

By the way, those Tomy train tracks I bought is sampling only. Same as the shoe. Once I verify the tracks is good, my bulk purchase will start... Hehehe

For those who message me how and where to buy.. I use an agent to help me do the buying. Their service is 8% of the goods. And they even unpack and repack for you. So far I have made about 6 purchases, and it is good service. Two more package coming next week too... It's Christmas presents... Hahahaha

Go visit for tutorials how to do. When I got time then I write a few tips for you.

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