Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The making of FuChow Red Wine

I blog this specially for James & Jasmine who are going to have their first baby in the wonderful rabbit year...

Also, for those who loves to eat FuChow Red Wine Chicken MeeSua...

And yes, we brew our own Red Rice Wine...

{ Ingredients }

5KG of glutinous rice, any brand will do

4x Jiu Bin (white wine biscuit 酒饼), it is best to get it from Setiawan, somehow it taste sweeter and nicer from Setiawan.

150-200g of Red Yeast (红鞠),also recommend to get it from Setiawan.

And prepare 2x bottles to brew your rice wine. One big one small will do.

You also need the cloth that looks like diaper. This is to cover the bottle and yet allow air to flow through.

{ Instructions }

Step 1. Cook the glutinous rice. If your rice cooker is small, you may need to cook multiple times.

When you cook the glutinous rice, put twice of the water you usually cook the normal rice. Means the water you use to cook the glutinous rice is more than cooking normal white rice but lesser than cooking porridge.

The water in the glutinous rice is the main ingredient too to brew your red wine.

Step 2. Put in those big salad plate and let it cool down for more than 6 hours. Note that it has to be completely cold.

Step 3. Put the wine biscuit in plastic bag, and bounce it smaller. Then do the same to the red yeast too.

You can use hammer or those usual nonya cookery tools.

Make it into powder form.

Here comes Jay Jay who also wanted to bounce the wine biscuit and red yeast.

The red yeast is harder to bounce.

Must bounce harder OK! Just like the little nonya.

Must bounce it into powder form too.

And then you place them in separate plates.

Step 4. Use the rice cooker spoon to place a layer of glutinous rice into the bottle.

Once you have the first layer done, then you spread the first layer top with wine biscuit powder.

You can see the powder in the first layer.

Step 5. Then put another layer of glutinous rice to covet the wine biscuit powder.

And then spread a layer of red yeast powder. Don't hesitate, put more... That will give the red wine nice red color.

Spread evenly.

Step 6. Repeat step 4 & 5.

Step 7. The last layer must be red yeast layer and covered with rice.

So, after done it will look like this.

Step 8. Cover it with the cloth and use a rubber band to tie it.

So you repeat doing this again for a smaller bottle.

Take note that the bottle cover has no use in the making of red rice wine. Do not cover the bottle with it.

Then you store it in a cool place.

Leave it there for 1 month.

{ Next }

After a few days you will smell the fragmentation of the rice wine.

Every few days you will need to open the cloth and use very long chopsticks to stir it. So that it can mix well together.

After one month later, then you can use the cloth to squeeze the red wine out and keep it in wine bottle. As for the remaining you keep it in fridge. You cook your pork belly with that. Very nice and sinful. Haha

That's it. Will blog again when the wine is ready.

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  1. Great instructions. Nice to see Jay Jay helping out too. I need to make another batch soon as I'm running out of wine. Always have more sediment and not enough wine...haha.
    - Larry

  2. Hahahahahaha... keep making it... hahaha I just make another batch...