Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kay Kay's Entry for the LWPS Easter Fair Drawing Competition

Date:  Apr 17, 2013

Kay Kay is drawing for Lorna Whiston Pre-School's Easter Fair competition.  This year is Lorna Whiston Pre-School 10th birthday.  So, let's make the 10th birthday as a topic of this drawing.

Of course, Kay Kay is not yet 4 years old.  So, we still have to discuss with him on the concepts what he wants to draw, and we will make a draft for him to follow.  And of course we need to teach him some of the drawing technique.  

First, we draw the outline.  


IMG 0831

It is very hard for him to draw 4x heart shape for the Lorna Whiston logo.  So, I thought of using the touch light to make it easier for him.

IMG 0832

And then, Kay Kay will color it.  Trying very hard to keep his color within the outlines.

IMG 0834

We then need to dry the painting.  So that it is easier to draw layers of colors on top of the color.

IMG 0837

Kay Kay now outline the ground.

IMG 0838

Kay Kay happily paint the ground chocolate color.

IMG 0841

Kay Kay just completed the sky. 

IMG 0846

This got to be his favourite part.  Drying the painting using the hair blower.

IMG 0854

HaHaHaHa… "Mai Hiam Bei Pai Lah!"  He now outline the Lorna Whiston Pre-School logo using yellow color.

IMG 0858

Drawing the candles.  He has to draw 10 candles as it is 10th birthday.

IMG 0861


IMG 0862

I love this part.  His candle fire is lovely.  It is his own style. although very long the fire.  But it is OK.  From a 3 1/2 years old boy's drawing.


Then, he painted the sun.


And the clouds.

IMG 0868

Kay Kay asked why the ground don't have flowers??  So, I said, you can add flowers.  So, Kay Kay chose white color dots as his flowers.  

IMG 0869

And Kay Kay really enjoys drawing the flower dots or poky dots.  


Almost complete.  But the sun looks very yellow.  Not so nice.  Let's add some orange to the sun.  And let's add some white to the clouds.

IMG 0874

Now, his clouds really looks like a cloud.


Just a little bit more.

IMG 0876

Final touch here and there.

IMG 0878

OK!  I have finish drawing it.

IMG 0880

This is what Kay Kay has drawn.  He will submit this to Lorna Whiston Pre-School tomorrow.  Wish him all the best!

IMG 0882

This is the draft.  He suppose to draw like that.  I asked him weather he wish to outline the candles, the LWPS logo, and the sun with black marker pen, Kay Kay being lazy… he said NO!  hahahaha let's wish him a big good luck again.

IMG 0875

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