Saturday, September 22, 2012

Picnic @ Botanical Garden

Date:  Sep 22, 2012

We love picnic!

The correct way to do a picnic, is you must have a picnic basket.  Having said that, of course, the picnic basket must have food.  Lot's of food.  See, we got own made bread, tomatoes & grapes, egg sandwiches, even moon cakes, and lots of biscuits, etc.

IMG 0044

Thank you Jay Jay for making the sandwiches.  Always remember, do not force the kids to go picnic.  They must be willing to do so 100% of their own will.  Then, it will be more fun!  They will help out in the preparation work!

IMG 0026

We grew our own veggies, so, we used them on the sandwiches.

IMG 0024

It is important to have a trolley.  Because with it, the man won't complaint.  HaHaHa….  The picnic basket goes in here.

IMG 0030

Don't forget to bring their bikes or scooter… It's going to be a fun picnic day.

IMG 0033

If you have portable chairs, bring it!  It's useful for the kids… Also the floor mat very important.  I think we bought this floor mat from Japan.

IMG 0043

Don't forget their binoculars… It's fun to watch the birds… watch the far far away thingy...


As for the adults… bring DSLR.  Take good photos… This is my first time, learning how to take photos with DSLR too.  See, how did I do?


Not too bad for beginner la… hahaha  I love it!  Shot from my G10.


Here is another one.  Using the manual mode plus some Fstop thingy.


When you are at Botanical garden, you can do a lot of things.  Kicking football is one fun!

IMG 4005

This is one funny fun sequence you never see Kay Kay do this normally.  Stick the tongue out… stop the ball, and then ...

IMG 4033


IMG 4034

and the finishing… 

IMG 4041

Introducing soccer newest star… Kay Kay...

IMG 4053

Finally, the gang are here… We can start our feasting...

IMG 0062

The floor mat is big after we stack 4-5 pieces together… Its a fun picnic...

IMG 0063

Uncle James is satisfy with some food, not sure what he is eating...


A typical picnic scene.  Men taking photo (except the one in red).  Women eating.  Kids doing their own things.


Jay and Kay is eating too.


Uncle Terrence and Justin playing hand fan.

IMG 0069

Now, it is Uncle James turn to teach Jay Jay how to play football.

IMG 4070

It's action time… lots of action when you kick football...

IMG 4085

Uncle Terrence used a back kick to kick the basket ball...

IMG 4091

It's also fun to play frisbee… Look at how Auntie Amanda throws… also lots of action...

IMG 4093

She grabs it… and ...

IMG 4131

then… she quickly release it!

IMG 4133

then, she jumped...

IMG 4141

… to catch it again!

IMG 4144

Wow… I got to learn that move...

IMG 4128

It's that my mom playing the frisbees?

IMG 4154

Jay & Kay footballing...

IMG 4155

And KT likes rugby...

IMG 4169

And Kay Kay loves to throw ball...

IMG 4187

Wow, he throws like a pro...

IMG 4188


IMG 4191

Jay kicks it.. and Goal!

IMG 4193

It's a great morning...

IMG 4202

OK… I am tired...

IMG 4182

We are tired too...


Wow!  He still got so much energy… Let's do this more times...

IMG 4211

It's fun day.  And we went home and take a long nap before we come out in the evening again.

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