Sunday, May 27, 2012

Renting Car in Ipoh Airport

Date:  May 27, 2012

When you get older... driving 7 hours back to Setiawan is not going to be a fun thing... So, one option is to fly FireFly back to Ipoh, and then rent a car there.  Of course, if you have in-laws who is willing to pick you up, that is the best!

Just in case you need to rent a car... This is the company ....


The biggest car you can rent is a Grand Livina (Nissan).  It is RM477 per day.  Not cheap, almost SGD$200 per day.


Of course you can have a Malaysian made Perdana V8.  For RM318 per day.


Or a new Proton Waja for RM265 per day.


Or a small car... Proton Saga for RM188.


For more info, you can visit this website.


By the way, here is the complete car rental rates.  They also have RM120/day one.  But I think those are older cars.


By the way, they are now in last phase of rennovating the airport.  So, it is now fully aircon.  Unlike last time, when we were there... no aircon.



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