Saturday, May 12, 2012

Make Your Own Healthy Ice Cream

Date:  May 11, 2012

We went to TOTT with the Teng's family, and there we saw this ice cream maker.


TOTT is a very nice place for people who likes to cook.  They sell industrial and consumer grade of kitchen gadgets and I must say, the price is very reasonable.

Screen Shot 2012-05-12 at 1.10.25 PM.png

TOTT is located at 896 Dunearn Road, 01-01A Singhapore 589472.  The whole store gives an IKEA feeling but they only sell kitchen goodies.

The whole machines looks like this.  And it is capable of making Yughurt, Sorbet, Gelato and Ice Cream.


Making Ice Cream can be very easy job using an Ice Cream maker.  You need unsweetened cocoa powder.  We use the Hershey's of course.


You will need Thick Cream.  We use the Bulla from Australia.


You will need Pure Vanila extracts.  Pure means pure, not fake, not imitate.


Of course, the rest of the ingredient such as granulated sugar, brown sugar, and whole milk.

First, you beat the cocoa, whole milk with sugar and brown sugar.


After beating it, then, let the busybody Kay Kay taste it first.


Then, you add the Thick Cream.


And a big tea spoon of Vanila.


And continue beating it.


... 12 Hours ago ... You should have frozen your ice cream maker pot (called Freezer Bowl) in the freezer for at least 12 hours.


You then, turn the machine on, pour the mixer into th freezer bowl.


Let the machine mix the ice cream and thicken it.


While waiting, you can ask your child labour to clean the table.


Kay Kay loves this ice cream he makes, so, he already taken a spoon and ready to taste it.


He loves this ice cream.  Look at the big smile on his face.


It's done!


Pour it into the tuppleware, and it is ready to be served.


Of course, Jay Jay loves it too.


Be warned! Here are the Nutritional information per serving.

Calories 286 (66% from fat)

carb 23g

Protein 3g

fat 22g

sat fat 14g

chol 79mg

sod 37mg

calc 81mg

fiber 2g



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