Saturday, September 1, 2012

Class #2 - Art Boot Camp

Date:  Sep 1, 2012

First of all, I think we are very glad that we sent Kay Kay to Art Boot Camp.

2:30PM -  Kay: "Mommy… I want to sleep…"

                  Mommy: "But we are going to the drawing class… You like to draw, is it?"

                   Kay: "Oh, then, I sleep after I go to the Art Boot Camp class."

The class started around 3:15PM.  

He still refused to wear the apron, even a brand new one, clean one.

But he just sit beside the teacher and draw this.

IMG 0870

So, this week theme is "Your best friend" & "At the playground".

So, Kay Kay chosen to draw his brother, Jay Jay!  I recalled Jay Jay has this singlet that he drew.

And he choose to draw a swing at the play ground.  

IMG 0871

Also, I invested in a color laser printer which I just brought back from Comex, so that I can print all his drawing.  He don't get to bring back the drawing book.  So, I took a photo, so that I can print high quality and stick it on to his study area. 

IMG 0872

All his art works are pined on the book shelves.

IMG 0874

So for 1 hour and 15 minutes, me and my wife happily surf the web on our iPads while waiting for him.  He just happily and focus in his drawings.

Well done!  Kay Kay!

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