Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Japanese High Tech Goods

Date:  Sep 3, 2012

I am on the way to Cebu for the ACC Conference.

The journey going to be boring... So, I downloaded this Japanese magazine and read it.  It has a lot of Japanese gadgets info minus all Korean products.  Hahahaha

Here are some things worth highlighting.

When you are young, and you know you like to make paper airplane.  In Japan, introducing the perfect paper airplane thrower.  Your throw for each plane will be consistence and powerful.  Hahahaha

It's not cheap for this little toy.  1,980 yen which is about S$32.  Cool!

We all know that Osim massage chair is a fine product, comparing to Oto, Ogawa, etc.  Many did not know that Osim chair comes from Panasonic Japan.  Osim actually OEM the chair from Panasonic.

The cheapest one you can get is about 140,800 yen up to the most expensive one 440,800 yen.  
Check it out from http://panasonic.jp/massage
Don't be surprise to find out that the cost of the Osim chair is actually 3k-4k.  :)

I think this camera is good.

It scores an impressive 92 points comparing from all the similar camera.  Hmmm....

Lastly, I need a wireless headset.  This seems like a good product!

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