Saturday, September 8, 2012

Gardener's Day Out - Design your Own Flower Pot

Date:  Sep 8, 2012

Today is the Gardener's Day at Hort Park.  We went there in the morning to see what is in there.  Jay Jay designed and planted his own flower pot.  He looks so happy about it.

IMG 1179

I think during school holidays, NParks will always host a Gardeners' Day Out event.

IMG 1160

When we get there, is a lot of people already.

IMG 1156

This time, they held the event at the entrance lobby.

IMG 1157

So, what can you do here?  Of course let your kid plant their own flower pot.  You pay $20 for a flower pot or you can design a $5 hanging pot.  Jay Jay choose to design the flower pot.

Jay Jay choose a rather big green clay pot.

So, the first thing to do, is to lay a layer of these funny looking round round thingy.  Not sure what they call it.

IMG 1161

Next, add the soil.  The soil is a very loosely compound, also not sure what it is made of.  So, you layer the soil to 3/4 height.

IMG 1162

He is enjoying it! 

YouTube Video


You can pick three pots of flowers.

This Jay Jay, when ask him to post for me, all these funny look will come.  HaHaHa

IMG 1166

This is his favourite part.  Plug the flower out and plant it.

IMG 1168

If needed, add more soil.

IMG 1169

Then, we need to choose a type of pebbles and cover on top of the soil.

IMG 1170

He has to evenly place the pebble on top and cover the whole soil.

IMG 1173

Then, we spray some water on the roots.  Jay!  Don't destroy these roots.

IMG 1175

The gardener came and corrected him.  Show him the way how to water the plant.

IMG 1178

Jay Jay completed his flower pot.  "PaPa… it's heavy!"

IMG 1180

Wait a minute.  Where is Kay Kay?  He is rocking the chair la...

 IMG 1181

He is yawning in the air con room la.

IMG 1192

He is playing under the seat, on the carpet la.

IMG 1200

Mean while, mommy and Jay Jay is trying to figure out how to design a new dripping system for watering the plant.

IMG 1195

They are also interested in the new products.  That is why they are very focus listening the presentations. 

IMG 1199

Okay, that's enough time spent at the Gardeners' Day Out.  It's time to go.  Hey… look this RED dragonfly just keep coming back and rest on the stone.  Jay Jay, touch the tail lightly… ok?

IMG 1201

3-2-1 blast off… There goes the red dragonfly.

YouTube Video 


Hey this red dragonfly keep on coming back.  Let's do the 3-2-1 lift off again!

YouTube Video


OK.  We all are hungry.  So, we stop by Culina for lunch.

IMG 1227

Jay Jay's favourite fresh French oysters.

IMG 1215

And how can we forgot about the kid who loves to taste my wine?

IMG 1213

It's a great outing in the morning.

IMG 1185

I think this week is still school holidays … that is why many activities are around town, here and there...

We have Kite Festival at the Marina Bay area.

We have Outdoor Movie showing at Bishan Park.

We have old vintage car show at the Tanjong Pagar Train Station.

We have Recycle Day event at the Jurong Padang there tomorrow.

and many more...

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