Saturday, September 1, 2012

Picnic Saturday

Date: Sep 1, 2012

A picnic. It's a great day!

Location: my son called it the Roller Coaster road. It is one of the popular wedding photo shooting scene. It's near their school and behind Hort Park.

For unplanned picnic. McDonald is a great choice of food.

The kids gets closer to the nature. Listen to bird singing.

We actually come hear to watch bird. Mommy says there are woodpecker!

Did you see any bird? There are a lot of bird chirping. Chip cheep cheep...

Next it's frisbee time. Good way to make Jay Jay run!

Jay Jay need a lot exercise! He is too fat!

Are you tired Jay? Ya!

Then, let's play kites! When we come to out door activities, we are always fully geared!

I am not so sure if the kite can fly without strong wind? If yes, many people fly kite here already. I guess we wait till to next week Kite festival!

It's indeed relaxing.

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Location:Canterbury Rd,,Singapore

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