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Amazing F1 on the Boat (Pershing 73)

Date:  Sep 22, 2012

Jay Jay asked Daddy: "Why you don't want to bring me to F1?"

Daddy:  "Errrr…." (Hotel very expensive.  No one give me F1 tickets.  The Fullerton roof top party not suitable for kids.  Weather is hot, those cheap seats one need to stand.  Very noisy.) ~ all kinds of excuses came across to my mind.

Luckily a friend of mine asked me if I am interested to go to …. Without any thoughts, I say YES!  

So, today we are going to see F1 on a boat!  Or rather, watch F1 on a big screen and listen to live F1 noise, from a boat.

Meet Pershing 73.


It is a two deck boat.  Owner renovated it, and it looks nice.  If want to sleep also can.


This is a view from Marina Barrage… I always think that standing from this side looking at the Singapore Flyer is the most beautiful…  OK.  Now, here are the rules….

1.  Cannot use the toilet on the boat.

2.  Cannot throw anything into the reservoir.

IMG 0088

There, the boat we are going to… Pershing 73.  That long long one...

IMG 0089

While waiting for the owner to arrive, the kids play at the Barrage there...

IMG 4212

Here we get on to a small motor boat… Now I come to think about it… they forgot to give us the life jacket… hahaha

IMG 0096

Here is the video where we sit in a small little speed boat from the Jetty to the boat.


Mommy big smile on the face.  Very happy.

IMG 0102

The evening sunlight is fantastic.

IMG 0101

Here we are on board of Pershing 73, so, all shoes goes into this dustbin.

IMG 0107

Welcome back!  Captain David says...

IMG 0108

This is the second time the kids come on board this boat.

 IMG 0111

Taking photo that near from this end…. from the boat… Garden by the Bay...

IMG 4228

The Singapore Flyer...

IMG 4230

Say Hi to the Chopper… These chopper are taking video from high up there...

IMG 4232

It's a long boat… so, we can lie down here...

IMG 0119

The kids are really enjoying themselves...

IMG 0121

OK… Since we have iPhone 5, let's make use of it's Panorama features… Click on below photo to go to Flickr to see it...

This is a view from Marina Barrage down to the Singapore Flyer… 

IMG 0138

Another test shot of Panorama.  Again, it is from Marina Barage to Singapore Flyer...

IMG 0137

Later, I asked my wife to take a shot with me and the kids in it.  Very cool… Click and look at the large Panorama photo….

 IMG 0136

This last Panorama shot is taken from the Garden by the Bay Dooms to the boat interior...

IMG 0144

Me and the kids enjoyed every single moment on the boat.

 IMG 4237

The sky getting darker...

IMG 4241

Me and the kids while they are busy eating their snacks...

IMG 4246

This is the Garden by the Bay...

IMG 4253

Garden by the Bay Doom… it is that close to it from the reservoir...

IMG 0141

I love this shot.  You can see the ring, and inside got buildings...

IMG 0142

Laser shows on the wall of MBS...

IMG 0145

Listen to F1 Noise.  Now, all the Ferrari, Porsche, etc sports cars are racing not he track now.  It is not F1, but you can see the car zoom zoom zoom.


The Merlion… 

IMG 4319

Here come the laser shows...

IMG 4349

 MBS Laser Show Viewed from the Boat.  Nice to see it from the back.  But we also never go sit there at the front.


 Real F1 Qualifying Race.  Finally, the F1 cars are on the track at 9PM.  Who will win?


 Kids Enjoying F1 on the Boat.  We can hear very loud noise from the F1 engines.  We can see shadows, lights, or the tail moving on the track.  We can see the cars from multiple big screen TV.  So, not too bad la.


 View F1 from another side from the boat.  So, we sailed to the right side, and park facing the Singapore Flyer.  The big screen TV is much more nearer here.  And we can see the F1 cars are racing.


Nice MBS view.

 IMG 0154

Jay Jay so relaxing lying on the coach.

IMG 0200

Oh boy, what is uncle Hock Koon and Jay Jay doing?  

 IMG 0202

Jay Jay said… Yeah… I finally see my F1...

IMG 0210

Yeah… I finally see it...

IMG 0216

Why uncle David so relaxing driving the boat?

IMG 0233

He is using his leg to drive the boat.

IMG 0234

The kids are lying on me, or sitting beside me to watch the big screen...

IMG 0239

Got to love iPhone 5 low light shooting lens… very nice… 

IMG 0244

We love this boat trip.  Especially on the night of F1 week.  The kids finally heard how loud is the F1 engines.  The kids enjoy yet another great adventure that daddy & mommy has planned for them.  

IMG 0163

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