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PPTV - ViewQwest Vs. Others

Date:  Jan 4, 2013

Very Interesting that I only find out this today.

Yesterday, I launched my PPTV on my iPad.  I found a show I wanted to watch.  

The new series (year 2013) of 天龙八部 TV Series.  

So, yesterday I enjoyed watching 6 episode.

It was a nice show.  I like it so far.

So, this morning, after I sent Jay Jay to his CMA class.  

I went to Old Town Cafe to drink my coffee and intended to watch the show.

WAIT!  I cloud not find the show I am watching?  What is going on??

IMG 0061

So, I quickly go to my personal member section to see my “Recent Shows” folder, and it was there.

IMG 0057

BUT, this show is not on my main menu.  So, when you click on the show in your "Recent Shows” folder, it gives you an ERROR!

It cannot find the show.

IMG 0060

So, what is happening here?

The answer is very obvious.  At home, I was using WIFI to access my PPTV.  And my home Internet is connected to ViewQwest.

And when I step out of my home, I will have to depend on the Singtel 4G network.

IMG 0062

So, when I get home, I quickly run the PPTV app again.  And the show runs.

IMG 0058

When I go into the main TV Series menu, you can see that the shows listed are much newer.

You can see much newer show. 

Notice that I am still using the SAME App on the SAME iPad.  The only thing change is the network.

ViewQwest Vs. SingTel.

IMG 0063

So, the PPTV server will take a look at the IP address you login from. 

If it is ViewQwest, It will connect you to a server load with New Shows.

If it is not ViewQwest, it will connect you another type of server with older shows.

So, there is a difference.

No wonder all the Simlim Media Box users always says don’t use PPTV.  Because it is not updated.

They give a reason and impression that PPTV sucks.  But as a matter of fact, PPTV is the best TV streaming apps from China.  

So, take note of that.  

Cool, I can watch my show again!


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