Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Tree 2014

Date:  Dec 1, 2014

Buying Christmas Tree

There is always joy choosing the Christmas tree.

This year, we bought our tree from Far East Flora.

IMG 4060

The kids love to watch how the tree being wrapped.

IMG 4063

The love to see the tree being pushed into the wrapping machine.

And it is done!

IMG 4077

Remember Noble Firs are the one that will gives nice smell in the morning.

IMG 4079

Let’s bring the tree home.

IMG 4080

This year, the trees are shorter.  So, it is easier to place it in the car.

Not long later, it is home.


Unwrapping Christmas Tree

Let’s unwrap it!

IMG 4084

This year, it is Kay Kay’s job to put in ice.

Remember, every day, feed lots of ICE to the tree.  Make the water cold.

Make it feel like home.

Not too hot. 

IMG 4088

The tree is up!

Nice cone shape.

IMG 4085

Decorating Christmas Tree

After dinner, the kids going to do something special.

That night was cheesy macaroni night.  

IMG 4151

Colette & Ashlyn has been the Friday Playdates for a couple weeks now.

If you remember, they crafted Mr. Pumpkin together this year.

IMG 2472

So, this time, they going to decorate our Christmas Tree together.

IMG 4171

The electricians are working now.

IMG 4172

This is probably the first year in so many years, that I don’t need to do any thing.

IMG 0202

The kids put the christmas light on to the tree themselves.

IMG 4177

The kids going to put all the decors on it too.

IMG 4178

Jay Jay testing the Christmas light.  Everything is OK to go!

IMG 4182

They enjoyed putting the decors.

IMG 4183

Parents just sit there watching.  Of course, we also turn on some Christmas music on the TV.

Make the atmosphere better.

IMG 4189

And mommy busy taking photos.

This year, is the first year, everything done by the two 8 years old and the two 5 years old.

You see.. Auntie Ai Loon was smiling watching the kids putting the decor onto the tree.

IMG 0231

And I must say, they did a great job!  Especially the lightings.

IMG 4226

Kay Kay very focus hanging the balls on to the tree.

IMG 0225

Happy Kid Jay Jay happily hanging his decors onto the tree.

IMG 0249

There you go!  Christmas Tree 2014.

As usual, we always have this.  It is the first Christmas decor we bought together with my wife back in 1993.  So, this decor is 21 years old ya.

IMG 4199

Of course, when the baby 1st Christmas, we also bought them decors.

IMG 4200

Photo Time

After decorating the christmas tree.  It is time to take great photos.

Colette & Kay Kay.

IMG 4201

Thanks for decorating the lower part of the tree.

IMG 0256

Ashlyn and Jay Jay.

IMG 4207

Thanks for decorating the upper part of the tree.

Especially Ashlyn, thanks for putting the Silver Star on top of the tree.

IMG 0266

The two sisters.

IMG 4209

Ashlyn & Colette.

IMG 0271

The Santa’s little helpers.

IMG 4220

Thanks the kids for decorating the trees. 

This is what I called team work!

Great job kids.

IMG 0288

Our usual guests on Friday.

IMG 4223

Auntie Ai Loon & Family.  (Their daddy went for company D&D function that night)

IMG 0300

The Liew Family.

IMG 0307

Decorating The Entrance

The job is not done yet.

Let’s decorate the main gate.

IMG 4228

The kids seems to enjoy it so much hanging things.

IMG 4247

Good job.

The rain deers are flying.

IMG 4255

This is how we greet our guests.

With rain deers.

IMG 4289

This art piece is done by Kay Kay from last year school work.

IMG 4290

Train Track Under The Tree

This year, we do something special.

IMG 4257

We build a two layer train tracks under the Christmas Tree.

IMG 4260

Ashlyn loves watching the train move.

IMG 4263

The kids can sit there and watch it moves for tens of minutes.

IMG 4267

Especially there are nice song behind too.

IMG 4278

Especially there are food, biscuits to munch.

IMG 4284

Small Gathering Party

We did a small gathering for the K1 kids.  Of course, the big brothers can tag along too.

IMG 4334

The kids is having lots of fun.

IMG 4337

The 8 years old boys are playing their own things.

IMG 4339

What I called more grown up games.

IMG 4343

The girls are enjoying on the bed.  Girls power!

IMG 4347

Now they play Life.

IMG 4351

jumping up and down.

IMG 4353

Enjoying watching the home videos.  The Christmas tree behind spice up everything.

IMG 4354

They love it.

IMG 4355

It was a fun night!

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