Tuesday, December 9, 2014

MiBox - 小米盒子 - 小豆直播 Xiao Dou Live TV

Date:  Dec 9, 2014

小豆直播 Xiao Dou Live TV is another alternative APK to be installed on your Xiaomi Mibox.

IMG 4621

You can download and install using Shafa App Store (沙发管家).

It has some Hong Kong Macau Cable Channels.  That includes Discovery Channels and National Geography, etc.

IMG 4624

But most importantly, it has the Astro Supersport channels too.  That is the same like Guang Mang Tiyu (光芒体育).

That means good news for all you soccer fans.  The EPL / BPL are shown on these Astro channels as well as some of the Hong Kong channels too.

IMG 4625

The encoding of the videos streams are much stable.  You won’t see too much video jerks here.

IMG 4629

Like this basketball, suppose to be fast game, but you can clearly see the ball where it went.

So, download and install it if you wish to have another alternative to watch English Premier League.

IMG 4633



  1. just thank you. you are one of the few sources of information for Chinese android TV Box and apps in English.

  2. Replies
    1. I meant the Blog is very helpful for a first time user for TV box. :-)

      the apps are in Chinese but once you get used to them are pretty easy to use (and I don't speak a single word of Chinese).

      looking forward to new posts.

  3. apparently they removed the astro supersport and nba channels....:(

  4. hi, i installed xiao dou on my phone and minix. app launched, can see the channels. but cant click anything or scroll. did you encounter this before?