Wednesday, June 5, 2013

6.3 级大地震

Date: June 3, 2013

When the earthquake happen, where were we? We all were at this place. This is the highest point where Taiwanese build the road to go to. After this peak, you can go to 花莲, the east of Taiwan.

So, a few minutes after we took this photos, we felt the ground is shaking. Not sure why what happen though. You can see this sign clearly shaking. Then, people told us it was an earthquake.

The next day, when we come down from the highland, we passed by this place. Where the land slides and rock slides happen. These are the two vehicles hit by the rock yesterday.

YouTube Video

So, for few hours the traffic was stuck here. The rocks were cleared around 3:30pm on that day, but the traffic jam lasted about 3-4 hours yesterday.

Two cars got hit by rocks.

All the rocks been pushed to here.

The workers still clearing the rocks.

So, we were so lucky for this Taiwanese Trip as it comes with earthquake for us to experience. What a trip!

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