Wednesday, June 5, 2013

石门水坝一游 (Water Dam)

Date: June 4, 2013

Because we are going to a few theme park which is located in 桃园关西, so we decided to stay around 石门水坝. So, today early in the morning, we make a stop here to see what we can see here.

I think everyone is happy and amaze to see a water dam. As non of us have seen a real one before. May be my wife and I had when we were at Niagara Falls.

Along the dam, there are a few places we can take some photos. Yes, taking photo with the stone is a must. HaHa

The view is magnificent. This water dam actually supply clean water to the people in Taipei. And it also supply electricity.

That green roof house is where the electrical generator is.

This place is a park. And usually visited by Taiwanese. When you are on tour from Malaysia or Singapore or Hong Kong or China, you usually won't come to this sort of places.

We of course is happy that our private tour guide Danny & Tony brought us here.

Oh ya, if you think this place looks pretty familiar, well I think one of the hit TV show by 陈乔恩, 不知不觉爱上你, has a fictional island 姜母岛. But that island where the actress comes from, is shoot from scenery from 石门水坝. Yes, it is not an island, but the scenery is good enough to full every one. HaHaHaHa

Later, when we go to Small People World (小人国), there is also a mini size of 石门水坝, and it actually feature the 放水 which normally happen when there is a typhoon.

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