Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bangkok: I am freaking Scared of Tigeere !

Date:  June 30, 2013

I posted this photo that day.  And a lot of people, even my wife thought it is a green screen photo and photoshop the tigers on it. 

IMG 3631

HaHaHaHa… Of course NO.

I got chance to take video for the second team, Alicia & Conrad who is brave to take photos with the tigers.  Take a look.  


Yes, these are the two "tame" tigers.  Real.  As you see, the heavy chain are around their neck.  And I am sure they cannot stand up because of the chain.  I think… I am sure they cannot turn around too because of the chain.  That is why we are dare to go forward.  hahahaha


It is not easy to overcome the fear.  But we did it.


Look at Kay Kay eyes… He still eating something, but don't dare to swallow.  hahahaha


Let's take another photos.


It is so thrill.


Conrad the animal lovers of course is brave enough to take this photo.


Close up shot!


OK.  The tiger still OK.  Third team, where are you?


Justin & Jayden's daddy is going to freak out.  hahahaha his son taking photos with the tigers.  hahahaha


Esther's mom seems very happy.  Taking photos behind a real tigers.  I am so scare that these kids steps on the Tiger's tail.  hahhaha

I kept reminding every one of them not to do so.  HaHaHaHa


So there you go, our greatest achievement.  Taking photos with the tigers.

IMG 4003

This is a very small zoo, lesser visitors, that is why we got the chance to do so much here.  Thanks our tour guide for brining us here.  hahaha

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