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民宿4 - 日光行馆 (Bed & Breakfast)

Date: June 6, 2013

On the 6th night in Taiwan, we moved to another Bed & Breakfast and includes Dinner hotel.

The Hotel is called 日光行馆. It is located at 淡水.

There are only 4 rooms, and we rented 3 of them. And guess what? The manager came to talk to us before we sleep. He says...

"I need to let you know that we won't be staying here tonight. So, if you need any thing, please give me a call."

"What? What exactly do you mean that you guys not staying here?"

"You are your friends and your mom will stay here with no others".

"You mean, we have the whole hotel and restaurant and garden by our own self?"

This is getting similar like the Kyoto apartment we stayed last year. Where there is no hotel servicing staff staying in the apartment we are staying. So, we gladly accepted that fact, and happily stay here for a night by our own self. Hahahaha

It has a really big garden, a small play ground, some swings and see saw.

This is the hotel. They only got 4 rooms. Occupying the 2nd and 3rd floor.

Me on the swing.

It is a coffee bistro or restaurant. The food is quite nice.

My mom sitting beside the flower bed.

The kids enjoyed feeding the huge koi fish.

My mom stayed at the Bali room. Lukas's family stayed at the Safari room.

We stayed in the Ocean room.

The bed. And the TV has an automatic remote to pop out from the box there.

We requested another bed.

This is the sofa.

This is to the bath room.

It has rain shower. But the water pressure is small.

They hang our towels on the hanger.

Basically for the Ocean room, the room color is blue.

The rain shower head.

The soap is very nice. And high quality.

They gave you the gasy water too.

OK. It's time for dinner. We had dinner at the same hotel here.

We tried the Merlot from Maldova. An Eastern European country wine. It is about NTW1,550 only. Quite reasonable. Although is a Merlot but the feel is quite heavy and tannin.

My mom had a steam fish dinner.

The spring chicken.

The fried fish.

My rib eye.

My wife took the famous Pork Knuckle.

Jay Jay is having lots of fun here.

That night, we have a visitor. So big and different grasshopper.

Jay looked at the grasshopper.

We are facing East. This is the 5am sun.

The hotel staff says we can just open the door by removing the lock. Ok. Wow...

Early in the morning. The first two gentlemen is our private tour guide plus driver. We got to thank them for bringing us around and showing us all the fabulous things in Taiwan. We will be back and that is my promise to them.

Early morning, sitting beside the restaurant, I think I better do some work before every one gets up.

The hotel from the far view.

My mom's room.

It is very Balinese.

The bed, and the drawing.

Our stay at 日光行馆 is very pleasant. We like it a lot.

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