Wednesday, June 5, 2013

台湾牛肉面 Taiwanese Beef Noodle

Date: June 4, 2013

The 4th day Lunch. Our private tour guide bring us to this beef noodle shop. They said this shop is quite popular and personally they love the beef noodle from this shop. We have to wait a while before we can find a table to squeeze in 11 people. :)

This is the chili and sauces.

They are the chefs that cook us the delicious beef noodles.

These are the appetizer. The Pitan Tofu and braise pork and intestine.

And here comes our lovely beef noodle.

The 半筋半肉 is really amazing. It is so tender, and the soup base is very nice. I love it!

After finished our beef noodle, Danny our tour guide bought us some pineapples. And it is really taste so good. So, he taught us how to prepare a good pineapple. The trick is you do not use water to wash or rinse it. Otherwise you will have tongue cutting taste.

I strongly recommend this beef noodle shop. :)

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