Sunday, June 2, 2013

台湾民宿1 - 欧风小镇 (清境) Taiwan Bed & Breakfast

Date: Jun 1, 2013

Every family trip, I always need to crack my head where to bring my kids. This year, we have decided to go to Taiwan. Because my wife has complaint that "The kids need to know there are other country besides Japan!"... HaHaHa

This is our first hotel. It is a bed & breakfast. It is called 民宿. The services provided by 民宿 is almost exactly the same as hotel. But the only restrictions is, the owner must stay in the hotel. And most of the time, the owner will cook for the guest for breakfast and tea time. And the maximum rooms available is 15 rooms. So, a lot of retired couples actually build a lot of 民宿 in Taiwan exotic place.

The first few days, we are going to stay in 清境. This place is "Cameron Highlands" of Taiwan. A lot of visitors came here to relief from the very hot humid weather in other places in Taiwan.

This is our Bed & Breakfast Hotel. 欧风小镇.

We are staying in that room. And Jay's friend Lukas and family stay just beside our room.

This is the 1st floor of our 楼中楼 room.

This is the balcony. A stunning view. Imagine having a beer at night sitting here watching the stars. The sky were so clear, and we can see millions of stars at night.

The stairs in the room lead to 2nd floor.

Our room have two floors. 2 huge bed plus additional one. Jay's grandmother is with us enjoying the trip.

This is the attic 2nd floor.

Opps... took the photo in the morning. HaHaHa... very comfortable bed.

I just love this lamp. It has a touch sensor. You touch any where on the lamp, it will change.

YouTube Video

The windows overlooking the Old England. That is another bed and breakfast hotel. Here got hundreds of bed and breakfast hotels.

From the 2nd floor, you can see the kids are enjoying on the sofa.

This is where we eat breakfast and tea time. Can eat outdoor too.

Very nice cozy table..

Lots of teddy bears.

Outside there is a swing. Jay and friends are having fun on the swing.

We ate our tea break.

This is another bed and breakfast. Old England 老英格兰.

We going to spent a few days here. We going to climb the mountain, feed the sheep, cut their sheep hair, hot spring, plug fruits, etc etc.

In this trip, we going to stay 4 different bed & breakfast hotels in Taiwan. Stay tune!

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  1. Great place. Will definitely have to go there. Love the look of the interior and of course, who could stop at just one with so much beautiful views.

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