Thursday, June 6, 2013


Date: Jun 3, 2013

In Taiwan, one of the main attraction is that you will see a lot of small little stores selling "Pinang" (槟榔). When I say a lot it is really a lot especially the whole street before turning into or turning out from the highway. It is quite hard to find 槟榔西施 "Pinang Lady" nowadays, so our private tour guide make a few turns for us to see.

Oh... I finally got the chance to see 槟榔西施 "Pinang Lady".

Here is another.

Actually for the first 2 days, we saw a lot of Pinang shops. But most of the seller are old, and not so thin. Our tour guide explains that not many people wanted to do this kind of job any more.

Pinang can help you to stay awake. But not many people can stand the taste and smell. I also never try it.

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