Monday, March 30, 2015

Don't Play iPad Lah! Play "Sushi Go!"

Date:  Mar 30, 2015

At home, I have all kinds of board games or card games.

Don’t play iPad lah!

Playing iPad sometimes destroy their eye sight.

Playing iPad makes them become isolated or unfriendly.

Let your kids play board games.  Start training them to play.

Let them grew up playing card games or board games.

There are many board game out there.

This is one of them.  I found it quite cool.

It’s fun!

Sushi Go!

IMG 0166

There are 108 cards in there.  

Shuffle them well.

And setup the game as follow.  

IMG 0186

For example, I am playing a 3 players game.  So, each one get 9 cards.

IMG 0168

Every player look at their own deck of cards and choose 1 card and place the card face down.

IMG 0169

All players then open the cards at the same time.

The bottom player chosen a Tempura Card.  At the end of the round, you got to have 2x Tempura cards in order to score 5 points.  If you only end up with 1x Tempura card, you score nothing.

The right player chosen a Dumpling cards.  He will try to collect more dumpling cards, the more dumpling cards he has, the more he scores.  1 dumpling worth 1 point, 2x dumplings worth 3 points, 3x dumplings worth 6 points, if you get 4x dumpling you will have 10 points, and lastly, if you have fun dumpling cards, you score 15 points.

The top player played a “Chop Stick Card”.  Later I explained why.

This is end of first turn in first round.

IMG 0170

Next turn, every one pass his own deck of cards to the player on your left.

IMG 0171

And every one choose 1x card from the new deck (passed over from the player on the right), and place the card face down.

IMG 0172

For the person (Top Player) who has the “Chopstick” card just now, before every one open the 2nd card, he can yell “Sushi Go!”.  This is when he find very good cards in his present deck.  And wish to play two cards at the same time.  After he scream “Sushi Go!” he take the 2nd card out and face down.

IMG 0173

And he plays the Salmon Nigiri card together with the Wasabi card.  So, he score a total 6 points as the Wasabi multiple 3 times the Salmon Nigiri value.

IMG 0174

After he opened the two face down cards, he put the “Chopstick” card back to his own deck.

IMG 0175

Face down.  (Chopstick card).  This deck of card later will be pass to the left hand side player.  So the left hand side player will have a Chopstick card to play later.

IMG 0176

Let’s check out the 2nd turn.  Bottom player has 2x Tempura, so, he will collect 5 points.

The right hand side player has two dumplings.  So, he will have 3 points now.

The top player played a Salmon Nigiri on top of the Wasabi cards which multiply 3 times to the value of Salmon Nigiri value.  So, a total of 6 points.

IMG 0177

Continue to 3rd turn, you pass the cards to the left hand side player.  All the decks are swap to the left hand player.

IMG 0178

You continue to play the cards each turn until you finish all the cards.  That is when you take a paper to calculate points.

IMG 0181

Bottom Player’s Cards Scores:

The single Tempura score nothing as it is not a pair.

The pair of Tempura cards will score 5 points.

The single Sashimi card score nothing as it is not a set of 3x cards.

He collected 4x sushi cards.  He has the most.  So, he score 6 points.  Now if there is any one also have the same and most cards, then, the 6 points will divided by 2.  If all three players scores the same number of sushi cards and all have the most cards, then, it will be divided by 3 and ignore the remaining.

He has an Egg Nigiri card, which score 1 point.

So, in this round, the bottom player score a total of 5 + 6 + 1 = 12 points.

IMG 0182

Top Player’s Card Scores:

Chopstick card score no points.

The Salmon + Wasabi pair give 2 x 3 = 6 points.

The Egg Nigiri is 1 point.

The Sushi card, he has 1x.  And that is the 2nd most card, so, he scores 3 points here.  As the third player did not play any sushi card at all.

So, in this round, top player scores 6 + 1 + 3 = 10 points.

IMG 0183

Now, let’s look at the Right Player’s scores.

He has only 2x Sashimi cards where he requires 3.  So, he score zero points.

He has pudding 3 cards.  He has the most.  So, he score 6 points.  Take note, if at the end of the round, the least pudding player will take -6 points off their points.  So, you must make sure you do not compete the pudding.  As the loser will suffer.

The Salmon + Wasabi earns him 2 x 3 = 6 points.

He has another pair of Salmon + Wasabi which earns another 6 points.

In total, the right player has 6 + 6 + 6 = 18 points.

IMG 0184

So, you continue play three rounds and then calculate and add up all the points.  

Remember, the pudding is kept until the last.  

Here is the quick game summary and their scores of the different cards.

IMG 0194

This game is easy to play.

It is suitable for 6+ and above.

Each game takes about 10-20 minutes.

It is fast pace game.

IMG 0187

It is a strategy game.

You get to see all the possible cards after 3 turns in a round.

However you know it has the cards in somebody deck, but it does not mean that they do not play them.

IMG 0188

Like what we see above, some player trying to collect the Sashimi cards.  But you really need 3x cards to score 10 points or nothing.

So, you have to be wise to make the decision to keep playing Sashimi cards.

IMG 0189

Actually, do you remember the Sushi place that revolving belt?  This game is like that.  The deck of unplayed cards keep moving one direction to the left.

Each time, you pick what you want and pass your deck of cards to the left side player.

IMG 0190

It is also interesting that you need to eat dessert - Pudding after all three rounds.

IMG 0191

Of course you can have different ways of playing.  Create your own.

IMG 0192

And the game is easy and fun.  Even Kay Kay loves to play.

IMG 0193

I recommend this game.

I bought it from Amazon.

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