Sunday, March 8, 2015

Learning Chinese thru Paper Cutting

Date: Mar 8, 2015

Parents of this generation are facing a huge challenge teaching their children Chinese.

Kids were sent to pre-school as parents need to work. Kids communicates with each other in School using English. And thus, Kids main language is English.

Even if parents try to talk to the kids using Chinese at home, but the results still unchanged due to the unique environment given to the kids at the pre-school. Even the pre-schools supplies the Chinese teacher, and the kids can understand the language well, whatever they taught in school is not enough.

Jay Jay is already in P3. We speak Chinese at home. But behind our backs, Jay Jay speaks English with his brother Kay Kay. We cannot change that nature fact. What we can do is to encourage more Chinese speaking at home.

This is what I plan to do.

At home, we ordered Chinese Paper 联合早报 for almost a year now. But as you can see, Jay Jay will read the English paper in the morning, and I don't think he will read the Chinese.

So, don't waste the Chinese Paper. Go thru it, and then, cut those articles that you think your child can read.

Find a book, I am pretty sure you have lots of note books lying around at home. Use one of them, and glue the paper cuttings in here. Every week, read a few of these news or articles.

Like this one. The title is a very simple title, even Kay Kay knows how to read. So, the kid will know this passage (although very long), might be an easy one. Read together with them.

This is another example. He might not know what is the first Chinese word, but he does know the 2nd and 3rd. And explained to him, why do we need to have these money to scare away the creature 岁.

Sometimes, I found some poem. This is an easy one, so, I also cut it out for him. MRT, he knows what it is. But how to read the poem, this should be new to them.

Sometimes, good article are on both side of the paper. So, glue it in a way that they can flip it open and read the other side. Some times the Chinese paper does has a lot of good article where you not only can teach them Chinese, but also teach them how to do things.

Today is Mar 8, 2015. Happy Women's Day! I found this in my Whatsapp message this morning and I think it is quite funny. So, this is for all the women and mommies in the world. Have a great Women's Day.


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