Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hokadate (1)

We checked out from Hotel Crest Sapporo and left 4 big baggage there... As we make our 3 days trip to Hokadate. Light weight traveling...

After 3 hours of train ride we finally reach Riding in this Super Hotoni ...

Welcome to Hokadate.

I think I book a Ryokan this time, a Onsen Ryokan... Just to try out. We did the same thing last trip to Japan.

Usually is quite far from the town or JR station. This Yonohama Hotel is no exception too. About 20min away from JR Hokadate station.

But it turn out to be great!!!

Japanese style, and sea view. Facing East...

The room facilities not bad. Baby won't have any chance to fall down the bed. Because is tatami bed.

Just checked, 4:30am is sun rise... Since we are here facing east, sea view, why not?

And the food is excellent too!!! All ika (squid)... Salmon, sashimi, etc.. Buffet style, morning breakfast and dinner.

The room cost 6600 yen per pax. Really worth it!!!

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