Sunday, August 1, 2010

Onsen & Public Bath

We checked into this wonderful Yonohama Onsen Hotel. It comes with public bath and Onsen facilities.

No photo please...

Jay Jay still cannot accept the concept, so, we need to teach and explain to him how the Japanese take shower all together...

Once explained, we are all set to go...

It was a fun experience for Jay Jay. It is also my first time to try the public bath and onsen.

When we stepped inside, everything is self explanatory. Father andson took off every thing, and picked two spot to sit down. Jay Jay is amused by so many kids and men and old man walking around here and there naked.

So, we start to take shower and bath... After that, I will be trying the salty onsen and the sulphate onsen.

Jay Jay was a bit scare. So, I leave him aside to watch me. Occasionally, he dipped his feet into the pool, and ouch, hot hot hot he screams.

I tried the 43 degrees one, then, 40 degrees one, and later we found one that Jay Jay likes, the one that shower from the top, as the onsen water came down, e temperature has become cooler of course.

The last pool was 38 degrees and Jay Jay managed to dipped his feet in.

At the end, Jay Jay likes the idea, and will do it tonight... Again...

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