Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cheryl Shuen Birthday Cake...


She has moved to this new address. 268, Joo Chiat Rd.

Cheryl Shuen has been making birthday cakes for our family for at least 4 cakes. The art work is quite good and unique. Yesterday, I went to picked up baby Jay's first year birthday cake.


It is requested by Mr. Jay Liew, for his brother. Jay said that Kay Kay love Lightning McQueen. So, must do a Car Car cake. So, we made him a car car cake. The special piece to keep is the "Kay" name tag, looks pretty cool.

And of course, my 40th birthday cake. How can I forgot about that...


It is a Star Wars cake, with Master Yoda battle the Dart Vader. The cake is featured in Cheryl Shuen's blog...

Before that... It is Jay's 3rd year Chugginggton Cake.


As you can see, Koko is coming out from the tunnel, etc. Very fine details. All edible.

And we also made Jay's 1st year birthday cake from Cheryl Shuen. But, that was way before blogging and iPhone came out. so no picture record some how... I think my wife will have the photos.

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