Wednesday, August 18, 2010

MiFi router in Japan

I think I forgot to blog this important experience...

If you travel to Japan, you can do 3G data roaming using Singtel's BridgeMobile service. For that, you need to make sure you are always on SoftBank 3G service. And you pay SGD$20 per day for unlimited data. That is a bit expensive. BUT... you can only have your iPhone activated, so, what about your wife's iPhone, and your iPad and your wife's iPad. You can bring along the MIFI router there to do roaming, BUT... you need to bring along your laptop to configure it so that it will log on to Softbank. Otherwise, prepare to pay tens of thousands of dollars... if you are not careful.

So, one day before I go to Hokkaido, I did some research and found that there are MIFI renting services in Japan. Such as this one... JCR... i.e.

So, I rented for 9 days. Arrange the MIFI to be sent to my hotel on the first day, and they gave me a return envelop to return it via courier on the last day. I just hand it over to the hotel front desk, and they will just take care everything for me.

For the 9 days, I paid US$178 and all my 4 devices (2x iPhones, 2x iPads) are happily surfing the net unlimited via DoCoMo. So, if you calculate the cost, it is slightly more expensive than the Singtel, but all devices can wirelessly connected. I even brought extra batteries along (I have the Singtel MIFI, same model too, so can use the same batteries). That is why I can blog more than 20+ articles while I am in Hokkaido in daily basis. Why? when you go toilet, before you sleep, when you wake up and everybody still sleeping, this is when you write your travel blogs.. :)

Hope this info will help you travel in Japan with more fun...

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