Friday, August 6, 2010

Fukuoka - Day 8

Still cannot forget about the yummy beef yesterday.

The toilet in this Hotel Sunline is quite interesting. After you flush, the water come out to let you wash hand, and go back into the storage for the next flush.

Vending machine for breakfast.

Today, the group split into two. Mommy will bring baby Kay and all the old folks to 太宰府, and I will bring Jay Jay to go sit Shinkansen.

So, we pay 4200 yen for a short trip to 小倉. And we stay in the station and keep sitting on different Shinkansen back and forth before we come out from Hakata station.

We sat in Nozomi, 2 different Kodama and Hikari Shinkansen. 4 different Shinkansen.

And after that, we went to the Beef Angus to eat Fukuoka beef, yes again.

Bought a new Car Car watch for Jay.

In Fukuoka, only few ATM such as JP bank at post office, can be used with DBS or POSB bank card.

Then we revisit Marinoe. There is the ferris wheel, Thomas train, Club Yu Kids and lots of shopping.

Thirsty, drink some orange juice.

Wow.. Coach outlet...

Vending machine selling cosmetics.

Almost every convenient store sell this... But not for baby... What???

Before 10, spend few hours at Yodabashi again... And that will concludes our Japan trip....

Going home tomorrow...

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