Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ramen from Sapporo

10 days ago, when we arrived at Sapporo, we were hungry. So we went to ESTA department store, just beside the Sapporo JR station. There was this Asahikawa Baikonken ramen store in the republic of Ramen on 8th floor. It was delicious.

10 days later, just after 3 hours queuing and got my iPhone4, at the OUB center Starhub Outlet. It's 8pm and we are again hungry. So I suggested a nearby Taiwanese Lunchbox restaurant. Unfortunately, Taiwan Lunchbox don't open during weekend.

So we end up eating Asahikawa ramen just beside Taiwan lunchbox. And surprisingly, it is the same Baikonken Ramen that we eaten in Sapporo.

What a huge coincident. The store front looks the same, even the menu looks the same. But does the taste same too?

Not quite tasty as the Sapporo one. May be the Sapporo one uses fresher veggies, and the pork slices is bigger here but not ad tasty as Sapporo one.

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