Sunday, August 8, 2010

Good Bye iPhone 3GS

Today, I officially say good bye to iPhone 3GS... And Good Morning iPhone4!!

There are a few Chinese Phrase I news to say...

饮水思源 - means you drink water must remember where the source comes from. Last year I queue 5 hours to get an iPhone 3GS, this here, she waited 3 hours at StarHub to get me iPhone4. Thank you Boon!

混水摸鱼 - means you not suppose to be the one, but you stir the water and disguised as one... Thanks Uncle Song to tip off the "low in stock" outlet location. And crash our way there.

得来不易 - I must say it is not easy at all to get this iPhone4. My wife contract only reach 1 year by September. And there is no such thing as break the contract and re contract in StarHub. So she has to break every single rule, SOP and hurdle to get it!

不亦乐呼 - basically means I am very happy!!!

Photo from front camera...

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