Saturday, December 18, 2010

Golf Day #1 - My lowest scores playing Blue Tee...

Day 1 (Dec-13), we took Silk Air and fly to Shen Zhen.  The air quality is really bad as you can see from the plane.


As we touched down, our Agent took us to Green Bay Golf Club (碧海湾).  This is a new course to me.


Surprisingly, it is very nice course too.  The course is easy too.


I got a very good and hardworking caddie.  She always put in efforts to find my balls and corrected my strokes, etc.  I have lots of fun that day... and shot some amazing shots... And as a result... I scored my best Blue Tee... 108...  I am not a very good golfer, but I really enjoy the game... The rest of my friends are not playing their best ... I don't believe I have score < 110 when playing white tee too... hahahaha






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