Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jay and his Swimming lesson

It's already the 8th week. He took the lesson.

Every week, I dip into the pool and have my 10 laps. This is the first time I stay dry and have my iPhone with me. So I manage to see how's Jay doing in the lesson.

Jay is very competitive. When he sees his classmate swim well, he will put in efforts to also try to be better. Also, he spend lots of time talking. He is damn talkative. Haha just like his dad... But seeing him playing with his classmates, the lesson does not seems difficult...

YouTube Video

By the time you realize it, he already grown up little bit by little bit. Now he is comfortable with water, can do short breathe, can swim a bit without floats...

I am very proud of him. Even the father still cannot float well in the water as if today.

I think Jay really picks a good sport to learn and I can see he is having lots of fun in the pool with his classmate...

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