Friday, December 3, 2010

Golf Day #2 at ShenZhen

OK... I had a side bet with Sharom, and he has to give me 2 stroke every hole.  But I got a very good caddie that taught me on every hole how to play my game... so, at the end, I won 7-5 out of the 18 holes.


OK... Sharom caddie cannot speak English... hahahaha


Amazing... I didn't know that the score card can be printed out... so high tech...


I played blue tee (the 3rd time) and the course is really difficult.. Not too bad for me... hahaha


The super duper golf score printer... @ Citic Golf Course...


So many blow hole... hahaha  and very long blue tee too... hahaha I have a long way to improve my game.. hahaa but I enjoy the game very much...



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