Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kay & His New Bike (5.5KG Nia) - Unboxing IslaBikes

Date:  Nov 5, 2013

This is Kay Kay’s first Bike.  It is called "My First Bike”.  I bought it from my friend’s bike shop at “My Bikes Shop" http://mybikeshopsg.com.  

IMG 1014

Kay Kay has been riding on this bike since February 2012 until mid-year 2013.

I blog about this fantastic bike.  Kay Kay loves his “small” bike.

This bike has NO pedals.  So, basically, Kay Kay have to master balancing on the two wheels.

And I got to admit, he did it very well.  Take a look at some of the videos in the following blog entry.

>> Kids & Bicycle:  http://miniliew.blogspot.sg/2012/02/kids-bicycle.html

Unfortunately, kids grown up very FAST!

By the time of September 2013, Just after Kay Kay turned 4 years old.  His “small” bike is no longer fit his legs.

Plus, when you use your leg power to push your bicycle, it is not as fast as Jay Jay pedal his bicycle.

Kay Kay grew taller!

So, we let him inherit Jay Jay’s Trek bike.

Unfortunately, the bike is about 10KG.  Kay Kay is only 14KG.  So, it is 2/3 of his weight.

Jay Jay can handle it, because by the time he ride this old bike, he is about 26KG.  That is why he can handle this Trek bike which he passed down to Kay.

>> Kay Bicycle - One Step At a Time:  http://miniliew.blogspot.sg/2013/09/kay-bicycle-one-step-at-time.html

Up until now, he cannot handle such a heavy bike.


What is the Problem?

1.  My Frist Bike is great.  It is light, and east to move the bike.

2.  The red Trek Bike is too heavy for Kay.

3.  Most of the kids is small build now, as they don’t eat veggies (unlike Jay Jay).

4.  I searched thru almost ALL the bike shops in Singapore, and I cannot find one “light” bike.

5.  How do you expect a 14KG boy push a 10KG bike?  No way.

6.  Like that he can never learn biking during young age.

7.  Every kid is different in size build, and the courage of riding.  Not afraid of falling.  

8.  My son - Kay is one of the kind where he is really afraid.  

So, what is the solutions?

To Find A Lighter Bike

The solution is for Daddy to do research and google to find a new bike for Kay.


Screen Shot 2013 11 05 at 8 11 44 am

And I have found it!

And it is only 12.4lbs which is about 5.6KG.

Screen Shot 2013 11 05 at 8 12 12 am

And I have gone thru so much trouble to make the order.  Because it does not have sophisticated online ordering systems.

So, I have to asked Borderlinx Concierge to help me to place order.

And it failed during the first order, and two week wasted.  Finally, Borderlinx placed the order for me after persistent chasing and complaining.

Today, the Islabikes is delivered to our home.

IMG 0938

The gross weight of the box is 9KG.  So just to demonstrate how heavy...

Jay, can you carry it?  Oh yes! 

IMG 0944 

Original box from Islabikes.

IMG 0947

Let’s unbox it!

IMG 0950 

How light is this bike again?  No Joke!  TWO FINGERS can carry it.  Slightly less than 6KG.  (Actually 5.62KG). 

一包米 = One Pack of Rice.

IMG 0951

Here is the bike.  Simple frame.  Very well done.  We decided not to attached the pedal first.  Let Kay Kay get used to riding it without pedals, and let him get used to balancing the bike, the body, the weight, etc.

IMG 0957

Luckily my mechanic still at work.  Please screw down the seat to Kay Kay’s height.  See, if Kay Kay grow another 6 inches, he can still ride this bike.  Good for 2-3 years.

IMG 0959

Very easy to screw and unscrew.

IMG 0960

So, it is a 14” frame.  CNOC 14.  From ISLABIKES.

IMG 0965

And Yup.  It is Kay’s height now.  Wearing a shoe will make a different.

You know how happy he is?  can tell from his face.

Do you know how sad he is when Jay Jay always go down with his friends and he has no bike to ride?

IMG 0970

Mommy, please go thru the installation process, to make sure every screw and bolts are in.

IMG 0975

The installation guides is very clear.

IMG 0977

OK.  Kay Kay, let’s see how you ride the bike.

At first, he very carefully pushing the bike.  Later 10 minutes, we shall see and check him out again.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/q3LUpgBzRHc

Now, let’s run thru a few details… Only one single screw to control the seat height.

IMG 0981

Very simple bike handling.  Kay little hand can handle the steering wheel.

IMG 0982

OK.  Take a look at the breaking system.

IMG 0987

OK.  Handling the break is no problem.  It is very easy and sensitive to break.  And the breaking is soft too.  It will break.  and the feeling of breaking is nice.

IMG 0986

Very simple gear.  No speed gear for Kay yet.

IMG 0983

Very simple design.  Elegant.

IMG 0984

What can I say more.  I compare this to many of the bikes I can find in Singapore, all of those are ugly.  This one is exceptionally great.

IMG 0985

OK.  Let’s go outside.  Please wear shoe.  I want to see how you handle the bike after you wear your “bike” shoe.

IMG 1001

No problem at all.

IMG 1008

Just push the bike to feel the balance.

IMG 1010

I am very sure Jay Jay is happy for his brother too.

IMG 1016

And lastly… Let’s ride 20 rounds in the living room.  Obstacle course.

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/v/z4IKH9WRM_w

That night, he sleep very well.  I bet you he has a lot of good dreams.

IMG 0989

Here is the bike cost.  in USD$.  The shipping is to ship within USA.

The total shipping cost is slightly above $200+.  So, if you know any one to to go to US, ask them to bring back is cheaper.  

IMG 0976

The gross is only 9KG.  

So, you can just dump it in the luggage check-in.

But the problem is how to place the order in US.  And it will take 2 weeks to build and deliver to the destination in US.

So, all the timing got to be right.  

IMG 1026

I want my kids to learn how to ride a bike since young.  And I want them to enjoy the learning process.

So, that is why I bought this ultra light bike for Kay Kay.

Jay Jay came a long way.  It takes him 3 years to fully learn how to ride the bike.  I make a mistake to let him ride a 4 wheels bikes.  (with support)

That is how long of the time to take to unlearn it.

So, I am very confident that Kay Kay can learn how to ride 2 wheels bike in a month or even lesser time.  Let’s see and I will update.


  1. Hi so how much did you spend in all for bike plus shipping in sgd? I have been eyeing the islabikes for my coming to 5yr old son and he has already learnt to ride a two wheeled when he was 3. But same problem as you. We cant find a lightweight bike in spore and he gets discouraged with the heavy bike as it will pin heavily on him when he falls.

  2. Hi I would like to buy this Islabike for my 4 year old girl. If you intend to sell it, please let me know. I am a serious & interested buyer. please pm me mengyean@gmail.com. Thank You.

  3. Hi. Nice unboxing 8-).
    Could you please write the box size Length x Height x Width if you still have it today 8-)

  4. Can you please specify the measurments of the box in cm?

  5. Great story, thanks. I am getting one of these or a liketobike in Thailand, and I'll have to go trough a similar ordeal to get it here. Islabikes must be the last website on the internet not to have a shopping cart function - how hard could it be?

    An alternative now available in Singapore is liketobike. I am getting a quote to Thailand but if you're in Singapore, you're in luck. Not saving much money of course as liketobike 16 is SGD 700...

  6. Hi, same question here: Can you post the size of the box? Many thanks!

  7. Got the box size from Islabike directly --
    39x7x28 inches
    or approx. 99x18x71 cm

  8. Are you interested in selling the bike?

  9. Hi, sorry, I have given the bike to my friend. :)

  10. Hi, I'm looking to sell my Isla bikes in Singapore. They are the CNOC14 and the Beinn20 Small in red in very good condition. I live in Tanjong Rhu. If you are interested to buy, please email me at jezntat@gmail.com.

    1. Hi, did you sell these? I'm looking to buy a Beinn 20 small!

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