Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cook with Ken: How to Cook Chicken Backside 鸡屁股!

Date:  April 8, 2012

I went marketing the other day.  I bought a chicken.  Then, I saw these Chicken backside.  So, I bought some.  I guess, this is the most cheapest dish in my kitchen.  The chicken backside you see here cost only $1.  I told the auntie that I can only buy $1, as my wife probably band me from eating too much of these.  So, I got to find a way to cook it nicer, so that my wife can ask me to cook more in the future.  :)


Sugar, salt, white pepper, and some oyster sauce.  Marinate it.  For 5-10 minutes.


1.  Prepare some gingers.  Cut some pasleys and green onions too.


2.  Heat the wok.

3.  Pour in quite a bit of sesami oil.  We want to oil fry the chicken backside.

4.  When the sesami oil is boiled, put ginger in, and fry it.

5.  Then, put the chicken backside in.  Keep stir fry it.

6.  Then, try to turn the chicken back side to those side that has not been fried.  Keep stir fry it.

7.  Pour away most of the oil in the wok.

8.  Put in 1-2 spoonful of salty dark soya thick sauce.

9.  Keep stir fry it.  Pinch some sugar, pinch some salt, into the wok.  Keep stir fry it.

10.  Put in the parsley, and green onions.  Stir fry it.

11.  DONE!


Actually, nowadays a lot of women bought those bottled "Cologen".  There are research proofing that those bottled cologen actually does not gives the best cologen to human body.  The best is to have these chicken backside.  The chicken oil has been forced out and we had throw it away.  Therefore, it is not so oily at all. This gives very good cologen, after taking it, your complexion will be best!


And the verdict:

My wife:  This is probably the first time I ate chicken backside.  It is nice!

My son Jay:  Very nice PaPa.  Good!

My Domestic Helper:  Very nice sir!

Another successful dish.  :)

Happy Easter!


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  1. even though i am a vegetrain,but when i read this text,i smiled ~and i would love to comment it!it's interesting to read ur blog~~hahah ~~~how i now why mrs liew looks young!maybe boc of those "cologen"