Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cook with Ken: Steam Fish

Date:  Apr 2, 2012

To steam a fish is very easy.

1.  But a fresh seabass from Giant or any market.

2.  Cut some small slices of bacons (Yes, those fatty bacons), and hide underneath the seabass, don't let your wife see.  hahaha That will gives you the very porky hint.

3.  Cut a tomato into slices, decor it around the fish.

4.  Cut some ginger (lots of it), slices it and shread it and decor around the fish.

5.  Dice some garlics, spread it.

6.  Green Onions is important.  Cut some and spread it.  If you have Parsley, also can.

7.  Cut some tofu into cubes.  Decor it around the plate.

8.  One spoonful of cooking oil, spread it over the fish.

9.  One spoonful of sesame oil, spread it over the fish.

10. One spoonful of soya sauces (I used the red yeast soya sauce), spread it over the fish.

11. Pinch very little sea salt, spread it over the fish.

12. Put some water spread it.  (not too much, I used half a small cup).

13. Put this into the steamer, and steam it for 15-20 minutes depends on your fish size.




The soup base will be sweet if the fish is fresh.  It will have some sour hint from the tomato.  But it is tasty.  For my case, I forgot to pinch some salt, so, it is tasty sweet, a little bit salt will neutralize it.  I also dont have the japanese mushroom to put in it.  But it's OK la.  简简单单有一餐!


Be creative when cooking.



  1. How do u get rid of the fishy smell? The fatty pork does the trick?

  2. First of all, must try to get fresh fish. Fresh fist does not have fishy smell. The ginger is the one that is going to wash the smell away. Bacon is to add a certain fatty flavor into it.