Friday, October 5, 2012

Children's Day - Sport Day

Date:  Oct 5, 2012

After the great Lantern Festival Movie Night, LWPS (Lorna Whiston Pre School) is having a Children's Day Sport Day today.  This is a day where Children from PG, N1 to K2 all gathered together and have fun playing sports and dancing all day long.  

It is only yesterday late night that I saw from my WhatsApp that the parent can go and cheer for their kids.  Justin's mom even did a cheer card board for him… :)  So, I know I have a couple of back to back meeting, what the hack, I just moved every one of them behind, and I decided to give Jay Jay and Kay Kay a surprise.


Jay Jay was happy to see me around.  It was a surprise to him as I have to push back a meeting an hour in order to make it here.  But you will soon find out that it's all worth it, because seeing all these children dancing and playing, it gives you a lot of peace and joy.

IMG 0572

Jay:  Daddy, what are you doing here?

Me:  I come here to see you dance.

Jay:  (A smile).  

Although the kid never says it, but I knew it meant a lot to him.  :)


Even Kay Kay is having a lot of fun!  But from this sport day, you can see that Kay Kay has become independent and no longer wanted to stick to me (when he sees me).  Instead, he fall into the team, and do as what the teachers says.


The K2 children is giving their cheers from their class.  Amazing to see the kids can remember all the routines and remember what to say, etc.  


I think all of them are having so much fun!


Now, it is the time for doing group exercise.  There will be two different dance, and all the kids will have to perform it.


It is a good thing for LPWS has such a nice and huge space for the children to run activities.  It was the same place we had the Easter day party, the Latern party, and now the Sport day.  It is also the Children's space for cycling, and outdoor activities.  


Jay Jay is having lots of fun shaking his back side.  hahaha


Look at Kay Kay, he too did a lot a lot of dancing too.


Thank you all the LWPS teachers for teaching our kids to dance, to have fun.  


Okay… you must be wondering why there isn't a lot of photos, videos… Well… I shot almost 1.8Gb of photos and videos… but then, the headmaster wants us to promise not to post photos and videos on facebook and youtube… So, I tone down a bit lor.  Instead, I will make a couple of home movies and share it among the parents… It seems all the parents are having lots of fun sharing the photos… and on Sunday, some of the parents will come to Jay Jay's BBQ birthday party.  It's going to be fun as this is Jay's 1st ever BBQ.  :)

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