Thursday, October 25, 2012

TRA Detox Diary - Day 3

Date:  Oct 25, 2012

Today is Day 3.

As usual, I woke up at 5am in the morning.  So, today, I decided to prepare something special for my breakfast.  As you know my lunch is a bit mess up, and my dinner, basically is fruits + veggies + Trim Shake.  So, my only hope to have a good meal is in the morning, where I myself will prepare my breakfast.  haha

Take a look at what I have prepared….. hahaha a Japanese Smoke Duck.

IMG 1499

I bought this from the Market Place at Tanglin Mall.  And wow… the duck looks great.   The Food diary says I can eat duck, in the green zone, but not the skin.  So, have to say good bye to the skin later.

IMG 1498

Microwave it for 3 full minutes at high power.  

IMG 1501

I need to cut away the fatty skin.

IMG 1502

The duck meat is just lovely.  So, what should I eat it with?

IMG 1503

Of course, wrap it with veggie, mayo and butter.  Of course reduced fat.

IMG 1500

And this is my break fast for the day 3.

IMG 1504

As for lunch… hmmmmm…. I got a lunch meeting outside… and thanks my boss for being understand and brought me to eat the following healthy selection...

See a lot of veggies..  and the big prawns is my protein.  not to forget about the noodles.  I eat some for my carbo.  OK.  This is on Keing Saik road, and beside the corner store there.  Surprisingly, it is very very good.  The Tom Yum Prawns noodle.

IMG 1505

Of course, my veggie of the day.  Of course, I ate 3 pieces of roasted pork without the skin.

IMG 1506

As for my protein, the little prawns is not enough, so, I had this nice steam fish.  hahaha

IMG 1507

This is probably the best meal out of the three days… lots of veggies, and protein and some carbo.

As for Dinner…  an apple, a plate of veggie as well as the Trim Shake.  :)

IMG 1518

That concludes day 3.



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