Monday, December 3, 2012

Ah Boy Become Ah Man - Forest Adventure

Date: Dec 2, 2012

Jay Jay's LWPS K2 outings becoming very interesting and fun! After Legoland and Robotics, here is yet another memorable outings for them to remember for many many years.

16 kids went to Forest Adventure together to try out the kids course.

Basically the kids will climb up to the tree with safety hook, and start walking and climbing the obstacle course with Firefox ending... Yes indeed, after you completed this course, you become the king of the tree top! Ah boy become ah man!

This is our huge chat group. And thanks to Claire's mommy for organizing such a great fun adventure.

Also thanks Justin Uoon's mommy for organizing the Makan session after the adventure at Wawawa restaurant just by the car park area.

Let the adventure begins. Jay Jay is gearing up! The safety belt.

And some of his friends were there to put on their safety gears. All very excited about the course

And I was surprise that Jay Jay are able to so this without much fear. Good Job Jay!

YouTube Video

Well done Jay Jay!

Previous photos was zoomed. Jay Jay actually in top of the tree top.

So, the kids just have to climb and walk from one tree to another . Sounds easy but looks very scary indeed. I am amazed with most of the kids.

Here is Riandy walking the step board which is not close to each other.

They also walked the log.

This looks really crazy walking on the rope.

Jay Jay show no fear in this and bravely completed this rope walking. It looks scary to me (of course I scare of heights!)

YouTube Video

A victory sign.

Claire is up there now. She is one brave girl. In Legoland all the boys scare of sitting the huge dragon roller coaster. But she wants to sit.

This tree log at least is very still and not moving. It's pretty easy.

YouTube Video

It's all about giving encouragement to the kids.

YouTube Video

Parents work together to encourage kids who are not comfortable with this height. And I am glad Lukas has made it to here.

YouTube Video

Mean while, the gap was pretty scary big. Jay Jay, steady ok?

YouTube Video

All parents work together to cheer to encourage the kids.

YouTube Video

Jay Jay is really talkative. Can talk so much high up there. Now he is in the "washing machine".

YouTube Video

Normally Jay Jay should not be that brave. But today he has changed and he walk thru the whole kids course with no problem. I think he know the safety belt is there for him ask he can make remarks such that when you fall you will swing. Next I think once he is comfortable, he is exceptionally focus and no rush in getting thru.

YouTube Video

Here comes spider man climbing spider web.

YouTube Video

This probably one of the hardest one. Is like a swing with two ropes. And you need to jump from one swing to another swing. Just like a monkey.

YouTube Video

Papa is proud of you Jay Jay!

This is really wobbly wobbly. He started to show some fear and complaint about it. But it's ok!

YouTube Video

Wow! This is long! We have to help our boy to get thru this. 6 more steps to go!

YouTube Video

Almost reaching the end. Well done!

Yup! He cleared it. Immediately the victory 2 fingers are up!

YouTube Video

Piece of cake!

YouTube Video

And the great Firefox finale.
Well done Jay Jay. Today, you ah boy become ah man!

YouTube Video

I have done it. Cool!

Here comes Conrad!

YouTube Video


YouTube Video


YouTube Video


YouTube Video

Kids really love the Firefox!

YouTube Video


YouTube Video

That concludes the forest adventure. Now is the second part. 40+ of us parents and kids are eating here at Wawawa!

All the kids will sit together in this table.

It's quite a nice cosy restaurant. So each family will give order and food comes in per family.

We occupied this part of the restaurant!

Here comes our food! I also ordered a bottle of cote du Rhones. Go nice with my Rib Eye.

Kids happily playing on the stage.

Then they run, the climb and they played at the park there while parents are eating and chatting. The parents now organizing the great Chriatmas gathering at my place on Dec 22. Going to be yet another great event.

The forest adventure is indeed a very nice place for kids to go and experience the obstacle course. It's fun!

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