Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Royce Chocolate Vs. Robotics

Date: Dec 18, 2012

Japan is famous for his robots.

Today we met a few here.

It is the robots that manufactured the Royce chocolate.

I would say it is 90% automated when making the chocolate.

YouTube Video

The end products of the robotics arm.

Jay Jay just took a robotics lesson. So it is nice to show him how we the human uses the robotics arm to make things.

This arm pick up the already made chocolate and put it into the packaging conveyor belt.

YouTube Video

This robot actually put the sweets on the chocolate.

YouTube Video

There are more robots here.

This robot picks up the lollipop stick and place nicely with precision on the mold.

YouTube Video

Quite interesting indeed! Jay Jay was amaze with it and we spent some time over here just to figure out the robot flow.

The Royce factory is located at New Chitose Airport. 3 Floor. So next time when you are at Hokkaido, don't forget to spent some time here. You can actually go to the airport 3 hours earlier.

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