Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bangkok Trip Itinerary & Price

Date:  July 2, 2013

On Jun 21, the haze condition in Singapore were so bad.  The PSI went up to 400+.  So, that Friday evening, together with 2 other family of Jay's friends, we made a quick booking to fly to Bangkok on Sunday (Jun 23).

So, I quickly talk to my tour guide friend who used to book my golf flight in Bangkok.  Mr. Thomas Kum.

This is Thomas.  He is a Singaporean.  He has moved to Bangkok together with his wife for the last 10 years.  And they run a small tour agency, specialise in booking golf course, accommodations and transportation for golfers.  when I am in Bangkok, and I need to book golf flights, I will engage him to do it for me.  

IMG 3599

I called up Thomas, and asked him if he can do tours for Children.  And he says YES.  So, I quickly asked him to come up with an itinerary so that I can asked the other two families.

 IMG 3951

This is the QR code of his name card.

IMG 3950

His service is very simple.  Booking the car for a whole day is SGD$200/day.  Once you book it, you can pay him in Thai Baht or Singapore Dollars.  You can wired the money to his bank account (Standard Chartered) in Singapore.

I like to book a van when travel, because it is convenient.  Can put things after shopping in the car, can rest in the car, etc.

My wife is in US, so, I decided to go with Jay and Kay.  All boys trip to Bangkok.

The itinerary is as followed.

Day 1.  Pick up from Airport.  Check in Hotel.  Visit Four Face Buddha.  Visit Ocean World.

Day 2.  Safari World.  Short break at Shopping Centre.  Dinner at Bussaracum.

Day 3.  Visit Holy Park.  Visit Crocodile Farm.  Short break at Shopping Centre.  River Cruise.

Day 4.  Visit Dream World.  Visit Madam Tussauds.  Dinner at Hotel (for me, babysit kids).

Day 5.  Huge Shopping centre at Bagna.  Go to Airport.

This is one of the two van we took.  Each van can sit 9 people exclude driver.

IMG 3403

We stay at Vie Hotel.  Very comfortable.  Of course, Thomas says, he got some other value for money hotel too.  Due to timing, we book this hotel on our own.  My room is about US$160 per night.  A big suite.

IMG 3425

This is the tickets pricing for most of the theme parks and zoo.  Madam Tusauds and Ocean World is about 1600 Baht per pax.  Kids is about 1300 Baht.

IMG 3735

Overall, we used 2 days to plan, and we have 5 full days of fun.  

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Next time, when I need to organise a tour to Bangkok, I will call Thomas to book every thing for me.  This time, because we book the hotel at the heart of the shopping district.  So, the traffic jam can be terrible, and we will lose out a few hours because of this.  Next trip, I will do further from Bangkok.


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