Monday, July 8, 2013

Jay Jay First Visit to JCC 5-Holes Executive Course

Date:  July 8, 2013

After learning how to swing the golf clubs for the past 3 months, it is time to put all these knowledge into gooduse.

IMG 4260

Today is Jay Jay's virgin visit to a real golf course.  He will play at JCC 5-Holes Executive Course together with me and his teacher, Mr. Veandhan.

IMG 4266

You can tell he is so excited to play with his father and teacher together.  It is the first time he ever steps into the golf course.

IMG 4261

Oh ya… Mommy gives him a lot of golf balls as well as this… golf tees.  hahaha

IMG 4263

There he goes.  Together with Mr. Veandhan.

IMG 4265

Hey!  This is how I carry my golf bags.

IMG 4267

Firstly, let's learn how to putt at the putting green.  And what you know, he sinks all three short putts.  By luck or what?  haha

IMG 4270

Then he missed all the long putts and learning how to control his strength.

IMG 4273

OK.  Are you ready to hit?

IMG 4275

Let PaPa and Teacher teach you how to play the game.  Watch carefully!

IMG 4276

Now it is your turn. 

IMG 4277

And Jay Jay tee off from the red tee.  Wow, not bad at all.  He finally can link what he learned from the golf driving range to playing the game itself on the course.


Of course, he still need to learn how to aim the shot correctly.  So, teacher put a club there to show him.

IMG 4283

Slowly swing the club back.

IMG 4285

And PING!  The fall has fly away...

IMG 4286

This is his first iron shot on the golf course itself.  Not bad at all.


OK.  Not a good shot but OK.  At least the ball fly up.


They are doing some maintenance on the green.  A lot of sand.  So, there is no break, but it should be fast too.

IMG 4301

This is the 3rd putts.  And the ball when in.  Jay completed his first every Par 3.


I love this shot.  After tee off camera pose.  hahaha  Look at the legs.  He did swing the club properly.

IMG 4305

Here is the video of the 2nd tee off.


Here is the video of the 3rd tee shot.


After 3rd holes, the weather turned bad.  And we can actually see huge lightning storm coming.  So, we decided to stop the game.

IMG 4311

To Jay Jay, I think he is already so happy.

IMG 4314

At night, I let himplay my iPad.  And this is the first time he played Tiger Woods Tour 2012.  And he had better understanding how to play the Golf game now.

IMG 4319

Son, although you played only 3 holes.  But you have done very well today.  I am very proud of you.

IMG 4269

I first learned my golf at the age of 30 years old.  Jay first learned his golf at the age of 7.  I am sure a 23 years advantage can make him a better golfer than his daddy.  加油吧!新杰!

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