Sunday, October 31, 2010

Baby Kay Walking On the Grass


After meeting the teachers, Jay playing with his classmates, we decided to go to fly kite.


My kite is flying high... oh no... why the strings is so short, and the next thing you know... the strings is not nailed to the handle, and phew... there she goes, the kite and the strings... 断了线的风筝

And the lost kite flew over the west coast highway towards the condo there.  very very far... Surprisingly, it is the same kite that dropped into the water too.

And the day ends when the rain comes...

But today highlights is this...


The small boy who just learned how to walk, and we let him walk on the grass without any supervision.. because all of us are busy with our kites... and he happily roaming around... hahahaha


He was happily running here and there...


When a kid just learn how to walk, it is very important to let him experience walking himself, let him fall, let him pick himself up, let me walk, let him run, and don't put too much care and concerns.. this is how a kid should grow.  Be independent on his own...


So, I think we will bring Kay to big huge grass land to walk and run more often for the coming weeks...




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