Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Golf Buddie: Freecaddie

With the strong push factors from your boss, then you can improve your golf.

When you are on the green, everything can go wrong.  But the last thing to go wrong is to guesstimate the wrong distance.  I would like to recommend this following App.


When I was playing the Jumbo Challenge last week, I downloaded this fantastic App called "freecaddie".


When you need to hit the iron, always measure how far away it is from the pin.


With freecadie, you can start learning the distance of every iron you have.  And with the consistent stroke, hopefully you will know which club to use to play the shot.  Freecaddie of course make use of the GPS to calculate all the positioning and gives you the distance you need to know.


Hopefully with this and lots of practice, one day or some day, I will be able to hit hole in one.  Huge ambition...

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